Count on Me

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Haven Rose

Releasing December 22, 2020

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I’ve never believed in luck, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.


Things have never been easy for me, yet I’ve survived. However, even the strongest person reaches a breaking point, and mine is barreling down on me. Needing a fresh start, I hop a bus, going as far as my money will get me. Landing in Sweetville, the sense of home is immediate, though I’ve learned the only person I can count on is myself. Declan Butler is determined to prove me wrong.


I’m content with my life, happy even. It’s my future that’s another story. Small-towns don’t exactly give you a lot of opportunities to find your soulmate, not that anyone ever caught my eye. Then Nora Kellogg rolled in. Earning her trust will take time. Good thing we have forever.


Warning: Welcome back to Sweetville where the story is steamy and the love is true. This book concentrates on the couple discovering and accepting the happiness that awaits them. Meaning drama need not apply.